Blue Mesa Review, Issue 44 (2021 Summer Fiction Prize)

Farewell Address to the Last Mango in the Pacific Northwest

“Farewell Address to the Last Mango in the Pacific Northwest” uses an imagined historical document to explore a future in which the land has been given back to Indigenous peoples, and globalization and dependence on colonized economies have been replaced by local supply chains and sustainable agricultural practices. Yet ‘Farewell Address’ explores a moment not of triumph, but of grief, centering that grief as central to the path that leads to change. Rather than imagining a future utopia without collective grief, fear, and conflict, 'Farewell Address' posits these emotions as central to liberation, and asks whether finding collective ways of mourning might be the key to making such a future possible.” -Zeyn Joukhadar

Ninth Letter, Spring/Summer 2018

The Temple of Suzee Pai

Passages North, Issue 38

Kissy Suzuki Puts on Her Face

This story was also a finalist for Cutthroat Journal’s 2015 Rick DeMarinis Short Story Contest judged by Stuart Dybek.

The Conium Review (2015 Flash Fiction Contest finalist)


“This story was a smart mixture of cynicism and superstition. This paradoxical approach was nowhere more obvious than in the line: ‘I swipe my Visa on the psychic’s iPad, and when she lays out the cards, she doesn’t lie to me.’ This contemporary take on an age-old practice of tarot reading manages the difficult feat of reflecting on contemporary and ancient anxieties simultaneously: falling in love; stacking Mortal Kombat combos. The witchy paranoiac narrator feels believable and strong.” - Laura Ellen Joyce